How to make the most out of tarmac driveways

There are numerous advantages to having a tarmac driveway installed at your property. These include notable benefits such as its cost-effectiveness, durability and low maintenance. Unfortunately, tarmac driveways don’t deliver the kerb appeal of block paving or imprinted concrete when laid as a uniform block, but there are ways in which you can create a more engaging look.

Use edging blocks

One guaranteed method to improve the look of tarmac is to use edging blocks that only increase the overall cost of the driveway a little. There is a large selection of varying colours, shapes and sizes of edging blocks that you can have laid to complete the driveway look. The blocks help break up the monotone appearance of the tarmac and produce a more attractive and appealing driveway finish.

Accentuate the entrance

Using block paving along the edge of the driveway works incredibly well in conjunction with pavers laid at the entrance for a decorative style that not many associates with a tarmac driveway. With a paved entrance to a tarmac driveway, you can use as many or few pavers as you desire and go as deep into the driveway as taste and budget dictate. It really is your opportunity to create something unique for your property.

Once you’ve decided how to decorate your tarmac driveway at the borders and entrance, placing perennials around the driveway in pots is a fantastic way to keep your driveway looking spectacular all year long. Get in touch if you want an expert team to assess your driveway and provide a competitive quote.