Make your driveway more functional with our renovation ideas

There are a dozen ways to improve the appearance of your homes exterior and your driveway is the most effective. When selling your home first impressions are paramount so in order to make a difference to your home you should consider the true impact of a new driveway. Here are some design tips which can give your home some curb appeal and add that WOW factor.

Think about designing rather than just installing
Most people just give an afterthought to a drive and simply install one. However, they should consider it as golden space, which can bring visitors to your home by its appearance. It doesn’t need to be simple black asphalt, because there are several modern driveway materials which can provide durable and attractive beauty to your driveways. Your driveway expert can best explain these designs and benefits.

Think about functionality, and consider vehicle dynamics
Before you start, you should consider all perspectives for which you or someone will be using your driveway eg how many people / cars will be using your driveway? Where will they / you be parking cars? To accommodate the sweeping motion of the vehicle, you should consider the design with curves and turns in your driveway. It needs to be all things to all potential users.

Driveway width and guest parking
Proper width and guest parking ensures that you have enough space for guests to park cars without any destruction to the rest of your property, and thus help you to keep your landscape in perfect shape.

Allow us to make your driveway beautiful in Luton and the surrounding areas so please contact us to change the look of your house.