The importance of maintaining your guttering

As a specialist roofing contractor in Luton and Dunstable, we don’t solely focus on roof repairs such as chimney repointing, tile replacement or ridge re-bedding; we also provide services for gutter cleaning. In this article, we will explain the reasons why it’s essential to maintain clean gutters for your home or business in Luton or Dunstable and how we can provide an affordable and expert service to keep your guttering clear and working as expected.

Why do gutters need clearing?

Guttering faces all year-round exposure to the elements, resulting in detritus making a nest in your gutter tray and downpipe, including leaves, moss, twigs and much more. When a gutter becomes too congested with debris, it will eventually cause rainwater to pool as it can’t effectively drain away. Gutters are not designed to hold water, merely to allow it to drain away, and once this happens, it can cause issues for your property.

Preventable harm

As experienced roofing contractors in Luton and Dunstable, we encounter a lot of properties with preventable damage due to overflowing blocked gutters. Rotten fascia boards and mould spores from water flowing over brickwork are common problems with clogged gutters. In rare cases, pooling water at the base of the building can damage the foundations. So, how do you prevent this from happening?

Leave it to the professionals

Some people may be tempted to climb the ladder and clear the gutter themselves, but you should always call on specialist roofing contractors. They can clear the gutter safely and assess the trays, connectors, and downpipes for any structural damage before confirming it’s all clear. Contact us today if you own a property in Luton or Dunstable and would like a roofing contractor such as ourselves to check and maintain your guttering for a competitive price.