Why is block paving so popular?

There are many types of different paving on display outside of Luton and Dunstable homes and businesses, but one of the most enduring sights is block paving. Block paving has been used for decades in Britain and for many good reasons, which we will explore in this blog.

Visual appeal

The most notable aspect of block paving is its stunning visual appeal. It’s a paving method available in a wide array of colours and patterns that all look great, including the classic herringbone design where the blocks are assembled in an ‘L’ shape and the common stretcher bond. The versatility of block paving allows you to create a distinct look for your property in Luton or Dunstable.


Whether you opt for clay or concrete blocks, you can guarantee that both will provide a long-lasting paving solution for your driveway or patio. Concrete pavers endure significantly well in colder climates, but regardless of what shape or material of block you use you can expect them to last around twenty years if well-maintained.

Little maintenance required

One of the features many customers like about block paving is how little maintenance is required and how easy damaged blocks are to replace. They are designed to withstand weathering, so a quick brush with warm soapy water will be sufficient to keep your driveway or patio looking fantastic. Similarly, if one or more blocks need replacing, it’s simply a case of lifting out the broken brick, laying a new one, and adding a touch of sealant. Contact us today if you own a property in Luton or Dunstable and want a free, no-obligation quote for block paving.