Important considerations for driveway paving

Paving a driveway can be a difficult, expensive task so if you are planning to upgrade your driveway please consider the points below, they could save you money and /or hassle. A new driveway can completely change the appearance of your house and can also increase the property value.

The first thing to do is set a budget. You must have an idea that how much you can afford. This budget will dictate the appearance of your driveway as better designs and materials are available to those who spend more.

After deciding the budget, check the materials you want to use. There are many options available such as brick, concrete, gravel and asphalt to choose from. A good company will recommend what is best for your property.

This is probably the most exciting part! Choose something that complements both your property and the surrounding area. Consider how many cars you will need to accommodate and how easy access will be for those vehicles.

Driveway Installers
Hire an experienced installer and ask him to show you the proposed driveway design. Ask to see their previous work for both choice and peace of mind.

The whole driveway process needs patience and time as it is very time consuming but if done properly it will be worth the wait and last for years too.

Make your driveway more functional with our renovation ideas

There are a dozen ways to improve the appearance of your homes exterior and your driveway is the most effective. When selling your home first impressions are paramount so in order to make a difference to your home you should consider the true impact of a new driveway. Here are some design tips which can give your home some curb appeal and add that WOW factor.

Think about designing rather than just installing
Most people just give an afterthought to a drive and simply install one. However, they should consider it as golden space, which can bring visitors to your home by its appearance. It doesn’t need to be simple black asphalt, because there are several modern driveway materials which can provide durable and attractive beauty to your driveways. Your driveway expert can best explain these designs and benefits.

Think about functionality, and consider vehicle dynamics
Before you start, you should consider all perspectives for which you or someone will be using your driveway eg how many people / cars will be using your driveway? Where will they / you be parking cars? To accommodate the sweeping motion of the vehicle, you should consider the design with curves and turns in your driveway. It needs to be all things to all potential users.

Driveway width and guest parking
Proper width and guest parking ensures that you have enough space for guests to park cars without any destruction to the rest of your property, and thus help you to keep your landscape in perfect shape.

Allow us to make your driveway beautiful in Luton and the surrounding areas so please contact us to change the look of your house.

Roof moisture – risk that can impact performance of roof

During the last few years in the roofing business, we have noticed that owners of commercial and industrial buildings may be taking risks by not checking potential issues on their property that can harm their roof. Roof moisture is one of the most common problems, that is why you need to be aware of the following issues:

Reason & Damage it can do?

Although a moisture problem in the roof assembly can be due to waterproofing deficiencies, that doesn’t mean that we should neglect the effect of condensation. Roof condensation occurs when moisture becomes trapped between the roof and the ceiling insulation. The moisture in the roof can in extremem cases cause health problems but will also give your proeprty an unpleasant odour and discolour / damage your interior decor.

Types of roof moisture & solutions to the problem

(a). Small Amounts of Moisture by Occupants

A small amount of moisture is common in warehouses, offices and businesses. Warm air drifts upwards and traps the moisture between the insulation and membrane of the roof. To prevent this use staggered joints and at least two layers of insulation. If you have only a single layer, then you can prevent roof moisture by using cover boards.

(b). Large amount of moisture by occupants

Large commercial buildings with say a swimming pool, should be aware of low-slope roof moisture. To prevent the condensation one can make sure that ventilation and air handling systems are designed properly.

(c). Moisture by construction

This can become a problem before a building is occupied. Painting, concrete curing and drywall have been known to release trapped moisture, so you should choose construction professionals who are familiar with these issues.

The best way to deal with moisture problems is to seek the help of an experienced professional. So if you are in Luton why not give our team a call we will help you inspect, advise, repair or replace your roofing, give us a call on 01582 932051.